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Hi! I'm Chase

I'm a sophomore at the University of South Carolina, Norfolk Collegiate alumni and a former semi-pro competitive skateboarder. I am offering one-on-one skateboarding and surfing lessons to girls and boys in the Hampton Roads area. Skateboarding lessons are held at either Mount Trashmore or Northside parks and surfing lessons are held at the Oceanfront. 

Skateboarding and surfing lessons attribute to young girls who both want to try something new, and are looking for an amazing way to learn something which has provided myself and many more with so much confidence. 


I want to teach young kids a new skill that I hope will give them independence, an outlet, and overall, something enjoyable to do. I want to put a smile on their faces by teaching them slowly but surely, how to ride the waves (real or concrete!).

What do you need to skateboard or surf? Just a great attitude. Oh and a helmet, and pads (safety first) for skateboarding. I have boards you can use for all lessons until you are ready to pick our your own!

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